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    (PHOTO: Sock-It-To-Me Sunday at WORKship!)


    Every Sunday (including Christmas Sunday) -- 9:00 a.m. to noon

    Helping at WORKship is simple! Just stop by the Z Mansion at 288 North Church Avenue in downtown Tucson this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Enter through the brown, wooden gate on the south side of the front of the mansion (the gate on your right as you look at the mansion) and come on back. We'll joyfully put you right to work!

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Allie to Serve Her 100,000th meal!!

This Christmas Day, Allie will be serving her 100,000th meal to the hungry. Allie started serving with WORKship in July of 2000 when she was just five-years-old. Allie is now a 16-year-old honors student at BASIS School and has not missed a week of helping since she began. To see some fun photos of Allie … Continue reading

The Greatest Religion Never Tried

Interested in learning about the WORKship Reformation? A great place to start would be to read the book, “The Greatest Religion Never Tried”. It details the history of primitive church groups — like WORKship — and explains how they can help positively influence our modern world. To download a pdf of “The Greatest Religion Never … Continue reading

The Protestant Reformation from a WORKship Perspective

Ever wondered what the Protestant Reformation was all about? For an intriguing overview of the Protestant Reformation from a WORKship Perspective, please download the attached book “There Should Be No Beggars” by Brother Thad. “There Should Be No Beggars” — like all WORKship publications — is offered free of charge. Please feel free to share it with … Continue reading

2010 Stats

Without accepting a single dollar in donations, the WORKship Methodist Church in Tucson in 2010: Provided over 15,000 meals to the hungry. Provided hundreds and hundreds of pairs of socks, warm gloves, warm caps, and blankets for those in need. Hosted over 100 projects ranging from movie and shopping outings for needy children, memorial services … Continue reading