2010 Stats

Without accepting a single dollar in donations, the WORKship Methodist Church in Tucson in 2010:

  1. Provided over 15,000 meals to the hungry.
  2. Provided hundreds and hundreds of pairs of socks, warm gloves, warm caps, and blankets for those in need.
  3. Hosted over 100 projects ranging from movie and shopping outings for needy children, memorial services for children and adults, parties and celebrations for children with serious illnesses, first-aid training sessions for people living on the streets, provided volunteers for on-the-border emergency first aid for deportees, and much, much more.
  4. Coordinated and helped provide health care services to hundreds of homeless members of our community.
  5. Respectfully led multiple protests against cuts in healthcare for the poor.
  6. Respectfully led multiple protests against other governmental actions detrimental to the poor.
  7. Provided free support and volunteer labor for nearly 100 events for other local non-profit groups, churches, and synagogues.
  8. Coordinated and helped lead the ecumenical prayer vigil and other activities on behalf of the shooting victims here in Tucson.
  9. Provided pastoral support and ongoing services for local hospital patients and their families.
  10. Led over 7,800 congregants in worship.

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