About WORKship

The world doesn’t just need your hope. The world needs your sweat.

Welcome to WORKship. WORKship (Work + Worship) is a faith-based movement whose members believe in three things: We believe in God. We believe God wants us to help others. And we believe God wants us to help others without receiving any financial benefit in return.

For these reasons we volunteer our lives to do as much good as we can as often as we can. On Sundays, we gather together in Tucson as The WORKship Methodist Church. Our Sunday church service centers on service as we sing, learn, and feed the hungry while also working together to help others.

We began WORKship in 2000 with the simple mission to fundamentally change the world. How? By convincing people to act to help others. And how would we do that? Simple: One step at a time. As a wise man recently described it:

One person can move a room to act.

One room can move a neighborhood to act.

One neighborhood can move a city to act.

One city can move a country to act.

One country can move the world to act.

For us, this process begins with God. While some of us call ourselves WORKship Methodists, there are also WORKship Catholics, and WORKship Baptists, and WORKship Evangelicals, and WORKship Jews, and — well, you get the picture. Think of it this way. In a choir you might be a soprano or a bass but you’re still very much a choir member. In the same way, we might be a member of the WORKship Movement, but we are all still very much Methodists, or Catholics, or Baptists, or Evangelicals, or Jews, etc. We all pledge to work together in harmony because we fervently believe that helping others is so much more important than separating each other by theology.

So, how do you join the WORKship Movement? Ask and you shall receive. Simply believe in God, believe God wants you to help others, and believe God wants you to help others without receiving any financial benefit in return. Then get to work.

(By the way, if you are noncommittal about God, or just don’t believe in God, please join us anyway. At WORKship, you will always find a welcoming group of friends who are simply focused on helping others.)

For ideas on how to help, read our blog. For help in starting WORKship in your community, feel free to contact us directly. For Tucsonans, we meet here in Tucson every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. at The Z Mansion at 288 North Church Avenue in downtown Tucson. Here’s how to reach us:

The WORKship Methodist Church
288 North Church Avenue
Tucson, AZ  85701
(520) 623-4889

Changing the world begins with one person. Changing the world begins with you.


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